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Ruilin hair is specialized in providing customers with high quality hair extensions. But what does high quality extensions means? One of the greatest issues in the hair industry is the total lack of international standards and transparency when it comes to terminology, which means that from one company to another, product A would be featured under different names. The opposite is also true: one same name would be used to describe products that are very different. That definitely makes for a confusing environment, hence why we make sure to be as precise and fastidious as possible when introducing our product lines/details and their specifics to our beloved clients.  

And the only reliable way to do so is through crystal clear communication (in English of course!), which we pride ourselves on being excellent at.

Now let’s get back to hair extensions: there are many specifics, such as colour, ratio, length, weight, hair type, hair quality, extension type.


Hair type: at Ruilin Hair, we are exclusively focused on the handling of Chinese hair, which is our specialty and ‘’home product’’. Our hair comes from the southern province of Sichuan, where it is purchased from donors (please note that unlike some countries throughout the world where hair is freely donated, our donors are paid which increases the cost consequently).

Hair quality: we have three different hair qualities, which are regular human hair, premium hair, and cuticle remy hair. The main difference is the batch they come from: regular human hair is composed of “fallen hair”, and therefore has lower durability, whereas premium and cuticle remy hair both come from “live hair” hence their superior strength/longevity.

Extension type: we classify hair extensions into two categories, non-permanent and permanent. Non-permanent extensions are options better suited for women who want to be able to put them on/off by themselves, or just want a ‘’light’’ system which allows for more flexibility (example: clip-in, ponytail, halo). Permanent options are the ones that require professional intervention, and will last longer in time, in most cases featuring higher quality hair (example: keratine, tape-in, weft).   

Ratio: The best way to describe the hair ratio is to picture the Eiffel tower and the Pisa tower: the French wonder has a large base but grows thinner as it reaches for the sky, whereas the Italian structure keeps the exact same diameter from bottom to top. The same applies for the hair: hair extensions which go thinner along with the length of the hair are what we call « single drawn » (i.e., Eiffel tower), and the ones which remain/keep their thickness and density all along are called « double drawn » (i.e., Pisa tower). Depending on your customers’ preferences, you might lean toward one type or the other, if not both (if you wish to have exhaustive options).

Length/weight: The lengths we work with go from 12 to 28 inches, depending on what our clients need most. The weight of the hair can vary depending on its length. We accommodate your needs when it comes to the weight per package.

Colour: It definitely is one of the trickiest parts when dealing with hair, because hair colour codes greatly differ from one company to another, which is why we strongly suggest our client send us their own colour rings to allow us to reproduce them error-free. Lighting and hair quality can affect the perception of the colour. Furthermore, we don’t only have standard colours, but also exotic, eye-catching and extravagant tones!

Factory Location:Datun Industiral Park, Ligezhuang Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China
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Factory Location:Datun Industiral Park, Ligezhuang Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China
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