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date: 2018-10-29
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When ladies decide to have a Hair Extension Process carried out, there are two areas on which they need to take a decision. One is the type of application method they wish to adopt. And the second is the type of hair they want used. We will give you some inputs on both these questions and leave you to take a final call depending on factors such as the budget you have in mind or your personal preference.

Let us first try and focus on the two application methods that are most commonly in use: Individual Strands and Wefts. The Individual Strand Method involves selecting between 30-40 strands of the hair that you have chosen for the process and applying these to small sections of your real hair by differing methods such as heat fusing, gluing or clamping with metal rods. The first two methods will involve applying a chemical or a foreign substance to your own hair while the third method is self-explanatory.

The Weft Method requires your stylist to put together Wefts made out of real or synthetic hair and attaching them to your head. What are Wefts, you will no doubt ask. They are little clumps of hair held together at the top and flowing freely at the other end. They can be machine-made or hand-made but the best Wefts are undoubtedly those made by hand. Also, the advantage of having them made by hand is that your hair color can be matched perfectly as the color can be blended in the making process. Once the Wefts are chosen, they are attached to your head by sewing them on to a braid which is made out of your own hair. These braids are known as tracks and run horizontally around the back of your head. There will be as many tracks as there are Wefts and the hair on the Wefts will be spread evenly to mix with your own hair till it will be virtually impossible to tell them apart.

What sort of hair should you use for the extension process, whichever method you decide to adopt? There are basically two varieties to choose from – extensions made of human hair and those made out of synthetic fabrics. Synthetic hair can never look entirely natural, however well it’s made, though it will be a lot cheaper than real human hair. Remy Human Hair is what looks best because it maintains the thin outer layer or "cuticle" which envelops every shaft of a woman’s hair. Because of this protection, Remy Human Hair retains the natural look and feel of the original hair and it is virtually impossible to detect extended hair if the process is carried out with Remy Hair.

We leave it to you now to decide the method you are going to use for your extension and also the type of hair you’re going to insert. We are sure you will choose wisely!!

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