How to Make Good Hair

Best Raw Material Makes Best Product

Mr. Zhou, the founder of the factory, is an expert of hair raw material purchasing with almost 30 years experience. We buy the hair from undeveloped remote mountainous areas of China, such as Yunan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan, etc., where people volunteer to donate their hairs.

We choose only 10%-15% top grade hair from the market. All the hair purchased is 100% pure braid of young girl without any dying and bleaching that are the best material for hair extension. After the raw material arrives factory, the QC & QA team will inspect the raw material first and classify them into 5 grades in order to make sure right material for right color and product.

Color Consistency

I. Color Consistency of the Hair Top and Bottom

Precise bleaching and dying process to ensure the consistency of hair top and bottom

II. Color Consistency of Different Batches

Dying quality control and standard bleaching & dying process to ensure the color consistency for different batches


I. On-the Job Training

Training for the new recruiting workers, only the qualified workers can participate the production

II. Standard Process Training

Regular standard process training for every position of the whole production team to keep the quality consistency

III. Total Quality Control Training

1. Establishing the Awareness of Quality

Let every worker realizes quality is the life of the factory

2. QC Training

Regular QC training of every process for the workers from the related position by QC manager to keep the quality consistency

IV. Safety Training

Regular training of standard safety procedures to avoid occupational hazard